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A Very Large Window of Time
Images & Transcript

Mug/Tumbler with lemon on pool deck next to Marcus's flip flops next to yellow plastic tented evidence marker "B"

Mug/tumbler with lemon on pool deck next to Marcus's flip flops

Second mug of tea with lemon on pool deck next to yellow plastic tented evidence marker "M"

Second mug of tea with lemon on pool deck

Old coffee can filled with green-stemmed flowers next to fire pit

Old coffee can filled with green-stemmed flowers next to fire pit

Tea found in kitchen: brown liquid with green leaves contained in a silver in color bucket with a handle

Tea found in kitchen: brown liquid with green leaves 

Transcript: Season 2, Episode 7


hot tub, marcus, clark, pool, minutes, left, long, sex, drink, cpr, night, thought, jury, courtroom, woods, hours, point, town, house, life


Marcus Lillard, Penny, Agent Maybin, Mary Chandler


Penny  00:00

Hi I'm Penny Dearmin. This is season two Blood Town on Trial It's just past the afternoon break on day three of testimony. The jury has been in the courtroom almost four full days and are beginning to show signs of fatigue. We all are. At 1:20pm on Mother's Day 2019 Agent Maybin conducted a follow up interview with Marcus Lillard GBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mary Chandler is also present for this interview. For over an hour and a half the jury heard the second interview with Marcus Lillard


Mary Chandler  00:53

I'm telling you, this is a this is a bad situation and you know that and you got to get this you got got to clear this up and figure out hey, what in the world


Agent Maybin  01:01

We know you got a history with dope. You've got problems with alcohol and you got problems with cocaine, marijuana but what you're not you're not a bad person. You're not a mean violent person. We know that but accidents happen. Let's talk about what happened


Mary Chandler  01:16

it's gonna be hard for you to get through this I already can tell Want me to get you some tissue or anything? of you


Agent Maybin  01:22

I know you love her and it's time to do the right thing by her she wants you to do the right thing until she don't want she what she's looking down on you right now saying just tell them the truth


Marcus Lillard  01:31



Mary Chandler  01:35

Marcus it's fine, baby, what in the world. Hey you're fine. Was Clark in hot tub with you?


Marcus Lillard  01:44

Just she and I. I got out to go get wood. I don't know how long, I thought it was 30 minutes but it might have been longer. and well I can't, I can't I can't tell time. I don't know.


Mary Chandler  01:55

that's fine 


Marcus Lillard  01:55

I should've put her in the truck and took her to town.


Mary Chandler  01:58

it's fine. What did you do after she hit her head?


Marcus Lillard  02:01

I kept trying to do CPR and I just kept on and kept on


Mary Chandler  02:04

so you go to get wood



I'm positive without having seen it or heard it that Clark got in the hot tub after I got out of it. Yes, I know that for sure.


Mary Chandler  02:12

There you go. Thank you. 


Marcus Lillard  02:13

I told you that.


Mary Chandler  02:13

How do you know that?


Marcus Lillard  02:15

I just know.


Mary Chandler  02:15

No! Did you hear her yellin?


Marcus Lillard  02:18

I didn't hear or see anything but I just had a very very great inkling. So my blame is by taking her out there to start off with putting her in a situation that I would've never thought it was gonna be that, I didn't think he hurt her, but then he kills hisself and it would make us wonder about that


Mary Chandler  02:33

what what do you wonder about


Marcus Lillard  02:35

That maybe he did do something, but I just, I would've never guessed him to be that kind of person. Something happened when I was gone in those woods and I'm sure they probably had sex if he got in that hot tub. When I got back she was she was unconscious in the hot tub and her mouth was already underwater. I don't know how long she was in there. that's the scene that just keeps replaying and she she was already dead, she was dead then.


Mary Chandler  02:58

what scene keeps replaying in your mind?


Marcus Lillard  02:59

When I got her out of the hot tub she was totally lifeless already.


Mary Chandler  03:03

Was her head cut?


Marcus Lillard  03:04

No. When I got her out of the hot tub  as soon as she came up and over and we fell together she fell straight on her face.


Mary Chandler  03:11

Are y'all outside at the pool area the whole night? What time did y'all get there? I got 6:56. Let me back up a little bit.


Marcus Lillard  03:18

It was an hour or so before dark ours so yeah we'll call it that.


Mary Chandler  03:21

so where'd y'all go to eat, tell me where you want to eat just for me.


Marcus Lillard  03:25

Aubri Lanes at the Country Club because she and I had worked there together and then went to the old Chops. Before went to the Country Club we stopped at...whatever it used to be, it's next to Amici's


Penny  03:38

Marcus is referring to Bollywood tacos which used to be called Gringos


Marcus Lillard  03:44

We stopped there for a few minutes and had some chips and she had a couple shots and then we took off for the country club. It was a quick little fly-through.


Mary Chandler  03:52

So when leave Aubri Lanes, where do y'all go?


Marcus Lillard  03:54

 We came back we would come back through downtown and we 


Mary Chandler  03:57

You went straight through downtown? 


Marcus Lillard  03:59

No. After Aubri Lanes we went up 441 We went down log cabin and back up around the other way, and then we came downtown.


Mary Chandler  04:08

Oh, then y'all came downtown?  Did y'all stop anywhere between there? You went from Aubri Lanes to downtown. Where do you go after that? 


Marcus Lillard  04:17

Then we went to his house.


Mary Chandler  04:20

To Clark's? 


Marcus Lillard  04:20

And then to my dad's. Clark's is here on Watson Reynolds, my dad  is 2/3/4 miles down the road, so it's like on the way home


Mary Chandler  04:27

and then you drank some during the day? You didn't drink after that,


Marcus Lillard  04:31

I may have had three beers all day yesterday.


Mary Chandler  04:34

Did you drink any at Clark's house?


Marcus Lillard  04:36

I had one as soon as I got there, 


Mary Chandler  04:37

Y'all sit outside? Did y'all sit on the porch, or sit by the pool, or where are y'all sitting? 


Marcus Lillard  04:42

We were on the porch. 


Mary Chandler  04:45

 Alright, so y'all are outside playing music whatever he brings Alexa out, you listen to music and then what? just kind of walk me through the evening.


Marcus Lillard  04:51

I don't remember the exact shift but I jumped in the pool and then swam over to the hot tub and I got in the hot tub and a couple minutes later she came in and got in behind me.


Mary Chandler  04:59

Now, did you jump in the pool naked? 


Marcus Lillard  05:00



Mary Chandler  05:01

So, does he ever get in the pool?


Marcus Lillard  05:02

When she and I got in the hot tub He was in the pool. I just got in and said come on and then she came on.


Mary Chandler  05:08

Okay. And then, what's Clark doing?


Marcus Lillard  05:10

I'm guessing he's on the front porch at that point. Like I said I feel like while we were in hot tub at one point he was in the shallow end of the pool. I know I know I saw that scene for sure. 


Mary Chandler  05:19

Naked or clothed


Marcus Lillard  05:20

I don't know that part. I'm sure he had shorts on. 


Mary Chandler  05:23

how do you not know if he's naked or has clothes on? 


Marcus Lillard  05:26

Because I wasn't paying any attention to him. 


Mary Chandler  05:27

He gets in the pool at some point in  time right?


Marcus Lillard  05:31

As I recall, yes, ma'am. 


Mary Chandler  05:33

Do you know if he got in the pool?  


Marcus Lillard  05:34

I see it? I feel like but I mean, it's, this whole thing, I mean, I can't swear on anything. it all feels crazy nothing feels, I'm in a little bit of shock.


Mary Chandler  05:44

How long were y'all in the hot tub?


Marcus Lillard  05:47

10 minutes And then he had already had a fire, a poor attempt at one going earlier like you said, yes, it was raining. But I went deep in the woods to try to get some dry pine straw.


Mary Chandler  05:57

He had a fire, Where? 


Marcus Lillard  05:58

At the fire pit.  And I mean, like, he had tried to start one.


Mary Chandler  06:04

That's fine. 


Marcus Lillard  06:05

But it didn't work. So, I said, hey man, I'm gonna get us a fire  and I went and


Mary Chandler  06:09

Did he have a can of flowers out there? Did you see those flowers by the fire pit?


Marcus Lillard  06:14



Mary Chandler  06:15

Like purple, it's like green flowers but they got like purple things on 'em


Marcus Lillard  06:21

I had grabbed a can out of the trash inside and used it, that's what I was using to try to fill it up with pine straw. I don't remember anything about flowers.


Mary Chandler  06:28

What was the drink on the counter the kitchen counter? What was the drink, Did Clark make some kind of tea, or...? No? Okay. Was she or you drinking any of those little cups with the lemons in 'em?


Marcus Lillard  06:35

[mumbles] I dont' know  No, he had gone, he went and got some tea and there was a long time we, We thought she was just passed out right so he went and got that just to try to 


Mary Chandler  06:52

wake her up?


Marcus Lillard  06:52



Mary Chandler  06:53

How long do you think she was passed out?


Marcus Lillard  06:55

She wasn't passed out she was way past passed out but I mean 


Mary Chandler  06:59

she was dead? 


Marcus Lillard  07:00

she was dead when I pulled her out of the hot tub, I'm positive of that now. I'm 100% positive.


Mary Chandler  07:04

So, what did do, try to make tea to wake her up?


Marcus Lillard  07:06

Yes. while I was doing CPR he got up and meandered around at different points while I was, I mean I just kept breathing in that's just all I knew to do was keep breathing in her.


Mary Chandler  07:18

so when you come back up there what do you what does he say? Where is he when you get there and see her head?


Marcus Lillard  07:23

he was on the porch


Mary Chandler  07:24

with clothes on or no clothes on?


Marcus Lillard  07:25

I... once I got back it was pitch black dark in the yard. 


Mary Chandler  07:30

That's right. I keep forgetting that it's dark. What did you yell at him? Did you yell what the hell, what were you saying?


Marcus Lillard  07:35

No he said something like hey man she's underwater and he's all Oh Shit, good catch or something like that?


Mary Chandler  07:40

And then you start trying to get her out and does he run over there and try to help you or?


Marcus Lillard  07:44

Um, no.


Mary Chandler  07:45

Are there lights out here or is it real dark?


Marcus Lillard  07:47

It's dark. You can't see anything. You can see the lights; there's lights in the hot tub, that was the only way that she got, I would have seen her in there. And I got her out. I don't remember where you know so at some point we fell 


Mary Chandler  08:00

was he trying to help you, too?


Marcus Lillard  08:01

He wasn't there at that point he was still on the other end. I knew I couldn't carry her or reall  move her so I wanted to get her closer to the house, and put her on my back and swam her across the pool and got her back out and started CPR again


Mary Chandler  08:15

Okay, so all this transpires in about how much timeframe


Marcus Lillard  08:20

Imma, l say 45 minutes but it could be longer or it could be shorter. It could've been 10, it could've been two hours. I don't have any idea.


Mary Chandler  08:26

well now 10 and two hours are completely different 


Marcus Lillard  08:28

I ain't never had my girlfriend die in my hands before.  that's why all this is blurry. I just watched my girlfriend die.  I ain't gonna have no emotional attachment to that but I mean being at someone's house, I mean, two people to die around me in one night, I'm a little fucked up right now so my memory ain't gonna be good


Mary Chandler  08:48

but we're just trying to get closure for her family it has nothing to do with it all we want to do is be able to tell her family his family because you're the person that would be able to know what happened.


Marcus Lillard  08:57

I wasn't in there when it happened, I mean. All I know is when I came back she was unconscious and was underwater in that hot tub. I don't know if I was gone for 30 minutes or 45 minutes but it was enough time Had it been raining?  Off and on, yeah.


Mary Chandler  09:08

so then what is Clark say whenever he's?


Marcus Lillard  09:11

we never talked about anything. The only time he ever came over he said should I call 911? Yes, yes please fucking call 911


Mary Chandler  09:19

The only thing I'm saying is if it's 10 minutes I get Nobody said call 911 I don't know what the hell's happened if it's two hours I thought hey, what the hell happened when it should be there's a lag time then what is Clark talking about? Like, what is Clark saying, is he like, can I help you?


Marcus Lillard  09:34

for the majority of time was you know I'll do some compressions and a whole bunch of breaths and then we'd switch, switch places. He's  on one side and I'm on the other. We're just taking turns doing CPR.


Mary Chandler  09:45

so you do all this, put a person on your back swim her across the pool and Clark's still just sitting on the front porch.


Marcus Lillard  09:51

At that point, I mean, I get her in my arms. I could give you zero shits about what he's doing


Mary Chandler  09:57

and when do you want to talk about how Let's move over here to get to the light 


Marcus Lillard  09:59

I don't remember exactly all of that either. It was after he had already called 911. I mean we're trying to get her to the light. 


Mary Chandler  10:07

Okay, so he called 911 over here?


Marcus Lillard  10:09

 I guess I mean there was parts of that where he wasn't right beside me where it was earshot and different stuff. I mean, once I got her, once I saw her and got her out of there everything else is a blurry of time and space and what. I mean


Mary Chandler  10:22

I gotcha. Can you, let's just agree on this one. If I,  she's in the pool, I pull her out you know roll her exactly what you do you do all this, throw her on my back, swim her across lay her out there. And he's calling 911 or whatever he's doing it let's just add all this and say, I gave her CPR, he gave her CPR. We're drag her here to the light and 911 is called or whatever. Okay, would you say that's probably about a? I'm just gonna throw a number out there, would you say that's a 15-30 minute window. How long would you if we reenact that? How long do you think it would literally take us to get to there


Marcus Lillard  10:52

I'd say it's 30 minutes. I don't know. I never checked time. I didn't do that. It just feels like it was longer than 30 minutes. I mean, I know I personally I mean, it was from the time we called 911, I don't know how long That was


Mary Chandler  11:07

Can I ask you a personal question? Seriously, and think about this before you answer it. Were you just scared about what the hell to do because she's dead?


Marcus Lillard  11:15

Well, yeah. I don't know why my initial instinct my initial action should've just been to put her in the damn truck and haul ass to town. I don't know why. That thought never came over until after everything was already too late, the first time that thought came in my mind was while I was laying in the back of the police car.


Mary Chandler  11:34

Yeah, I mean, do you think?


Marcus Lillard  11:36

I went through a whole bunch of stuff, I mean, there was one point where I thought she was playin', because it just didn't seem real. I mean, it's like she was making noises so, now you're bullshittin' me. Quit playing around.


Mary Chandler  11:48

Was she makin' noises?


Marcus Lillard  11:50

Yeah but it was like, it wasn't Life noises. That's what I was tellin' you earlier. 


Mary Chandler  11:55

Like gurgling? 


Marcus Lillard  11:55

No. It wasn't gurgling, it was some kind of  Well, I'll do chest compressions. You know that sometimes it'd come out of her stomach, it was bad. And it was, it was death. There were so many times I'd breathe in her and I just swore. I'm bringing them out just, I'd feel her, I felt like, I felt like it was gonna come back up on me. She never responded she never said anything, but she felt alive.


Mary Chandler  12:16

Was he talking while you were doing CPR?


Marcus Lillard  12:20

Uh uh.


Mary Chandler  12:20

 He was just standing there. Do you think he killed her?


Marcus Lillard  12:24

If he did, I don't think he did it on purpose, you know?


Mary Chandler  12:27

It may have been an accident. You May have done something and it have been an accident. Accidents happen all the time.


Marcus Lillard  12:32

Has he ever fooled around with her before? Here's the only thing I can picture. And this is strictly speculative, but with really, really good instincts based on experience. I think, when I went off into the woods that he got in the hot tub with her and I think they probably fooled around a little bit. And I think maybe prior to that, that maybe they had ingested somethin'. I just keep, I just keep on having that thought. I thought maybe this had to be something because she didn't take Xanax, you know, any kind of high-powered pain pills nothing like that's just gonna knock you out. No.


Mary Chandler  13:05

Has she ever said that she wanted to fool around with him?


Marcus Lillard  13:08

Uh uh. He's just, kind of


Mary Chandler  13:09

But has he said, man, your girlfriend's hot? I mean, has he said  stuff like that before?


Marcus Lillard  13:13

Not really like that. Well, in the early parts of the night, you know, they but she kind of looked up to his wisdom and he likes her "academicness." There was some connection between the two of 'em.


Mary Chandler  13:26

Could you feel the connection? 


Marcus Lillard  13:27

Well, actually, the first night we all hung out a couple years ago, I kind of could tell that he liked her more than the girl he was with


Mary Chandler  13:35

Okay. Like a sexual connection? Did you feel it last night?


Marcus Lillard  13:39

I mean, he wasn't really putting on a whole lot. But I mean, it's just one of those things that's there. and he just was always a, he's a suave, was a suave guy. She and I had never engaged in anything like that before.


Mary Chandler  13:51

Okay, so did y'all have sex last night? Y'all did not have sex?


Agent Maybin  13:56

So you're not, we're not going to find your, your DNA on the inside of her. 


Mary Chandler  14:00

Why not? Why didn't y'all have sex? what I absolutely


Marcus Lillard  14:02

I mean, a pool/hot tub, When I came back, that was the plan.Sit in the hot tub together, and


Agent Maybin  14:10

But here's my thing. Here's my problem with that. And this bothers the shit out of me. How you get out of a hot tub with a naked woman to go build a fire in the damn rain. And then you gonna go right back in the hot tub. Ain't no damn sense. You see what I'm having a hard time with?


Marcus Lillard  14:23

I can see where you would think that. I make no doubts, I mean of you tried to figure out what my pattern of behavior is, if you can figure it out, please let me know.


Mary Chandler  14:32

Why do you think why do you think they did drugs or something or whatever they did?


Marcus Lillard  14:36

Just a thought that came to me earlier today. I mean, well, I've been laying there trying to trace it back again and what will cause her to do that and I've told him this already, I heard a story about a guy one time they kept passing out in a hot tub from takin' ecstasy. So that story reminds me of that. Maybe it is, maybe it ain't.


Mary Chandler  14:53

Does he drink like a tea or somebody said he would go to Africa or something and drink like a hallucinogenic drink or something? 


Marcus Lillard  15:02

South America, but you can't bring that back home.


Mary Chandler  15:08

But why would you gotta make tea to try to wake her up? When did he do that?


Marcus Lillard  15:12

I can't make time on that either, it's just at some point when I was doing CPR I was like let's get something let's try to get something in her. There's points where you know I was completely optimistic this is gonna be okay. A couple of breaths and she's gonna pop right up any second now.


Agent Maybin  15:24

you waited a minimum of an hour and 45 minutes before y'all called 911. We know that. People don't do that but for a few reasons: that's if they've been doing drugs, someone's OD'd or they've caused that person's death by either accidental means or intentional. That's the only reason people don't call 911 they're scared of going to jail


Marcus Lillard  15:48

if I had something to tell you that could give you something tp put a charge on me, I'd give it to you


Agent Maybin  15:52

Give me Give me, let me ask you this is in your


Marcus Lillard  15:55

Why don't y'all just go ahead and do it anyway?


Agent Maybin  15:57

Do what?


Mary Chandler  15:58

Why, why would we do that? To put a charge on ya?


Marcus Lillard  16:00

I'm not going to be able to live with myself after this no matter what happens


Mary Chandler  16:05

If we put a charge on you, What would you want us to charge you with?


Marcus Lillard  16:07

I don't know. Not calling 911. I'm guilty of that.


Mary Chandler  16:12

Were you just afraid that you would be in trouble if they rolled out there and this woman was dead? You knew she was dead. You just said she was dead.


Marcus Lillard  16:20

No. I could dance back and forth on that, I kept thinking she was gonna come back, no. I mean, if that was my intention, I would've never called 911. 


Mary Chandler  16:26

What bothers you? What are you afraid of? 


Marcus Lillard  16:28

I'm afraid of the rest of my life now. 


Mary Chandler  16:30



Marcus Lillard  16:31

Cause I left her alone And it's my fault.


Mary Chandler  16:34

Why is it your fault? 


Marcus Lillard  16:35

Because I left her alone. I left her alone. I left her alone. She was in my care


Mary Chandler  16:40

Accidents happen. 


Marcus Lillard  16:42

She was in my town to see me and in my care, and it won't matter what happened, or whatever,  her parents and her children will never forgive me. I won't never forgive myself. 


Mary Chandler  16:50

Marcus, you've got to listen to me. I'm telling you accidents happen all the time. You got to tell us. It's, it's fine. Look, Clark's dead. If he did something, tell us that it's not your fault. If I would've known he did it, I would tell you. I don't have enough to pull from what I didn't see. But why would you be afraid that you're gonna go to prison? 


Marcus Lillard  17:11

I'm not. I wasn't.


Mary Chandler  17:13

No, I'm saying you were saying about the rest of your life and you gave you know


Marcus Lillard  17:16

I got nothing out there. [crying] I just wanna crawl in the bed. I'm not gonna be able to function again. 


Mary Chandler  17:24

but Marcus, honest to God for the sake of her family, for her children and your family. But just for her family and her kids. Doesn't she have kids? It's Mother's Day, Marcus.


Marcus Lillard  17:35

I know.


Mary Chandler  17:36



Marcus Lillard  17:37

if I knew, I would tell you. if I knew something that could close this


Mary Chandler  17:40

There was a two-hour window before y'all called the police. What are y'all doing? You can't do no CPR for two hours. It's impossible


Agent Maybin  17:48

You'd be exhausted. 


Mary Chandler  17:48

And he goes in the damn house to make tea. Are you shittin’ me?


Agent Maybin  17:53

You can't try to protect her from, if she was, if y'all were having some kind of freaky sex or Well, rough sex and that happened? We have to know about that.


Marcus Lillard  18:02

I didn't have sex with her


Mary Chandler  18:03

That is an accident.


Marcus Lillard  18:04

And that's that's the only conclusion I can draw out of this. It's that them two got together in that hot tub and they were both on drugs and maybe they got a little rougher than they needed to be.


Agent Maybin  18:12

How many times have you have you choked her during sex?


Marcus Lillard  18:15

She didn't like it. So 


Agent Maybin  18:17

But you've done it? 


Marcus Lillard  18:18

over a year ago, yeah, she don't like that. 


Mary Chandler  18:21

Did she like any freaky sex? 


Marcus Lillard  18:22

She didn't like that. She just like good ole regular love makin'. 


Agent Maybin  18:27

But you do.


Penny  18:29

Marcus reiterates that they did not have sex that night. Agent Maybin says if you are choking someone during sex and something happened. It was an accident. And that happens all the time. Marcus said she didn't like that. And he hadn't done that with her in over a year. Agent Maybin says he's talked to lots of women who said he liked it. And Marcus says he would do it if they liked it. ASAC Chandler asks, What if they don't like it? Marcus tells her, then I don't do it. Marcus talked about other women he had sex with while dating Marianne. Now remember this interview is taking place on the afternoon of Mother's Day and they do not yet have the autopsy results. So they do not know the cause of death is murder by strangulation. However, Agent Maybin has been interviewing women who reported that Marcus did choke them during sex. 


Mary Chandler  19:26

And you weren't drinkin? You didn't take any drugs or anything like that?


Agent Maybin  19:30

No Coke, no marijuana, nothing?


Marcus Lillard  19:33

Marianne and I smoked earlier yesterday, but I didn't have anything else.


Mary Chandler  19:36

Where'd y'all do that? In Milledgeville? Sweet Gum?


Penny  19:39

Marcus says they did stop by there. He used to live there. He went to collect some panels with a mural to take to Clark's to leave for his son because his son didn't really affiliate with him. Marcus claims he did leave this out because he forgot all about it. 


Mary Chandler  19:56

There's a very large window where y'all are not doing CPR. 


Marcus Lillard  20:00

I never got off of her. 


Mary Chandler  20:02

For two hours? There's no way. Do you understand what we're telling you?


Marcus Lillard  20:04

I never stopped. I never stopped. I don't know,  I can't explain it. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.


Mary Chandler  20:09

But What's he saying this whole? Shit man, I didn't mean to hit her, kill her, or What?


Marcus Lillard  20:13

if he had gave me any kind of clue like that, I promise you, there'd be something else going on.


Mary Chandler  20:19

Why would he kill himself?


Marcus Lillard  20:21

The only thing I could say is if they, certainly if he had anything to do with it. And as I look back on it, he was,  he was super nonchalant about it. I mean, super, super nonchalant . He never freaked out. He never, you know


Mary Chandler  20:36

Were you freaking out? 


Marcus Lillard  20:36

I was freaked out


Mary Chandler  20:37

And he did not?


Marcus Lillard  20:38

He did not, no. 


Agent Maybin  20:40

Is that his demeanor?


Marcus Lillard  20:41

Yeah, he's always pretty...


Mary Chandler  20:43

If you have a dead person at your house for two hours? I understand calmness for yoga but I don't understand calmness when a woman is dead at your house for two hours.


Marcus Lillard  20:51

I mean, even if he if he didn't have any influence on it, from a man like that that's fairly well respected in the community and all that and somebody dies at your house I mean, I mean in his mind I'm sure he thought his life was ruined.


Mary Chandler  21:06

Be honest now are you Is there anything that you're afraid of that you will get in trouble for? 


Marcus Lillard  21:11

No [crying]


Mary Chandler  21:12

I mean, it's like you want us to put you in jail? I don't


Marcus Lillard  21:14

I don't deserve to be nowhere else. I got nowhere to go and I don't want to face these people. know where to go well if


Mary Chandler  21:21

Well, if it's an accident, it's a damn accident. You did not cause her death. Do you think you caused her death?


Marcus Lillard  21:27

I don't, it depends on if it would've made a difference if I drove her to town or not, but I think she was already dead. No, I Don't. She was with me. I took her somewhere and I left her alone. it's my fault no matter what you do, whether I did it on purpose or not, it's still my fault.


Mary Chandler  21:43

You didn't have sex with her?


Marcus Lillard  21:44



Mary Chandler  21:44

You didn't accidentally choke her?


Marcus Lillard  21:45

No. I think that if I hadn't left her in that hot tub that she'd still be alive right now. I think if I'd've stayed right there with her, we probably would've made out for a few minutes, went back to my dad's house and snuggled and went to sleep and we'd be having Mother's Day like we were supposed to. So, yeah, I feel guilty


Mary Chandler  22:03

Are you sure he didn't try to make a move on her but would she try to ever get away from him and she fell and hit her head?


Marcus Lillard  22:08

I wouldn't rule that out of the realm of possibility. I mean even though she's polyamorous, he's probably, he probably would not be her type. I would say. Just a little too old. 


Mary Chandler  22:20

But when did her head start bleeding? 


Marcus Lillard  22:21

Her head had started bleeding when I fell with her in my arms. When I got her, as soon as I got her out, and we fell together and she fell straight on face. I fell with her we fell down together. Everything from that moment when she and I hit that pool deck, it's just one long moment. I can't, I can't, I can tell you what tacos we ate yesterday but I can't tell you that. 


Mary Chandler  22:44

Well, you can tell me in January of 2018 you did this this and this and you can recall all the days from years ago that you, but this event is


Marcus Lillard  22:52

and it's probably, you know, in time maybe some other things will come out of it. I put her in the wrong spot and  I didn't take her to the hospital.


Agent Maybin  23:03

What was the reason for puttin' her in the pool? Why would you why would you want to move her


Marcus Lillard  23:09

If I drew you my life history, about 80% of the shit that I've done, anybody else would look at, it's like, well you sure  went left when you should have went right, right here. What the hell are you thinking? I've been an idiot my whole life. I'm a fuck up. This is where fuck-ups come to live, so. My whole, my whole, the rest of my life, that's gonna be the only problem I'll ever have: is what if I put her in the truck? What if I could've made it to the hospital in 10 minutes? What if I could've got here in with somebody working on her within five minutes what if I, what if I could've called 911 while I was on the way to town and met them halfway and she caught an ambulance and, well all these other what ifs


Penny  23:43

They asked Marcus how he swam her across the pool and got her out of the steps. When asked about the two bracelets found on the pool deck and the two in the grass Marcus says I don't know anything about the bracelets. ASAC Chandler offers Marcus something to eat or drink. He declines, but I think we all could use a snack and a drink right about now. 


Mary Chandler  24:08

Where all have you worked? What do you what do you do?


Marcus Lillard  24:11

I've been a finance manager at car dealerships for a long time. 


Mary Chandler  24:13

What do you do now? Did you say you just left from Albany?


Marcus Lillard  24:14

I just quit Friday. I was gonna be traveling and there was a staffing company that I had worked with, and they just call when they need somebody. I don't work much anymore. I left Friday afternoon. 


Mary Chandler  24:27

How'd y'all meet?


Marcus Lillard  24:29

She was my boss at the Country Club in Milledgeville when I was in college here 20 years ago. In October of 17. I was working at Athens for a week and kind of, we had been  Facebook friends. I hadn't really talked, hadn't talked at all really in 20 years. I always kind of looked up to her you know and that she's really really smart and just a cool girl. We met for lunch in Athens one day. Took a motorcycle ride, and hung out a little bit. You know, basically, We had a one hour lunch break and ate and took a bike ride and then I didn't see her again til the first or second weekend in January, she came to Milledgeville and Clark and his girlfriend at the time Emily met me at the place I was livin' at we watched a real pretty sunset and had a fire outside. She hung out that weekend. And then I went Beaufort, South Carolina to work right after that. And she came to Beaufort once a month for the three months I was there. And then we traveled together. When we got back, I moved in with her in Appalachee. 


Penny  25:24

Judge Burleson gets ADA Coffey's attention. They stop the tape at this point. After a sidebar, Judge Burleson says there's still about a half hour left of this recording. And the jury should ask themselves if they want to keep going or start again fresh in the morning. ADA Malcor says with a laugh, They want to start fresh again in the morning. Thus ends the third day of testimony. At the beginning of the season, I told you I would try to show you the evidence the jury considered to render their verdict. I asked you to put yourselves in their shoes. I've condensed hours of time in the courtroom to just over 20 minutes for this episode alone. How do you think the jury is weighing the evidence at this point? I can tell you the pressure intensifies each day we're in the courtroom. The longer you're out of your routine, the closer you know the trial could end is all balancing alongside the life you lead outside the windowless courtroom. The jurors can't talk to anyone about the case until the judge sends them to deliberate. We're all wondering how much longer it will go on. Tomorrow is Friday, and everyone needs a break. We don't yet know Friday is the day the state will rest. In the next episode Agent Maybin will be back on the stand playing the remainder of the interview. You have still not heard the evidence from the 404 B witnesses. The past sexual partners of Marcus and Clark; some of the biggest bombshells of the case have yet to be presented. In order to ensure you consider whether Marcus Lillard is guilty or not guilty on the evidence alone, I have not yet shared my thoughts and impressions on the main feed yet. If you'd like to know what I'm thinking or feeling, please join us over on Patreon and thank you for listening. Join Patreon at for early access and bonus content. Or leave a rating or review on Apple podcasts, good pods or Spotify. You can visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram at bloodtownpodcast and on Twitter @bloodtownpod

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