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You Did What Now?
Images & Transcript

GBI Agent Maybin's timeline of calls and messages placed by Marcus Lillard

GBI Agent Maybin's Timeline of Messages and Calls Placed by Marcus Lillard

Photo of Marcus Lillard from the front. He's wearing a white t-shirt, orange and blue swim trunks, and tan slides.
Photo of Marcus Lillard's feet with scrapes and marks

Images of Marcus Lillard taken by GBI Agent Maybin during the first interview

Photo of Marcus Lillard's right arm and hand with red marks on his knuckles
Photo of Marcus Lillard's left arm and hand with marks and scrapes
Line drawing of area around pool where Marcus Lillard says he traveled with Marianne

Drawing by Marcus Lillard of area around pool

Transcript: Season 2, Episode 6


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Marcus Lillard, 911 Operator, Penny, ADA Coffey, Agent Maybin


Penny  00:00

I'm Penny DearmIn. This is season two Blood Town on Trial. It's after lunch on day three of testimony. The state calls Michael Maybin to the stand. He's a special agent for the GBI. As the case agent, he previously testified in front of the grand jury and interviewed Marcus Lillard. He obtained video of Marianne and Marcus at Amici's and Aubri Lanes on the afternoon of May 11th 2019. They can be seen walking in and out of Amici's sitting at the bar having drinks. There is no audio. Marianne is wearing a green-striped, gray cotton skirt and a black T shirt with a white design on the front. Marcus is wearing a cornflower blue tank top and dark blue Chino shorts, flip flops and a straw hat with a band wrapped around it. Maybin describes Marcus and Marianne at Aubri Lanes


Agent Maybin  01:14

They're seated at the far end of the bar, together. Marianne's over there on the corner of the bar and the defendant is sitting there beside her in the bluish-colored tank top


ADA Coffey  01:26

while you are watching this video, did you notice anything notable in the video


Agent Maybin  01:31

There's a bracelet we introduced into evidence earlier. 


ADA Coffey  01:35

Would that be state's exhibit 137? 


Agent Maybin  01:38

Yes, the black bracelet. In Some points during this video she's wearing the same bracelet on her arm


ADA Coffey  01:46

Did it appear to be broken in the video?


Agent Maybin  01:50

It appeared to be attached and on her arm.


Penny  01:52

Even though Maybin doesn't bring it up, you can also see the cream-colored beaded bracelet that was found by the diving board.


ADA Coffey  02:02

And In the video. They appear to be having a nice time. 


Agent Maybin  02:05



Penny  02:07

ADA Coffey enters into evidence Agent Maybin's timeline of the calls and messages from that night. Yes,


Agent Maybin  02:16

Yes, so there were possibly six different people that were contacted from Clark Heindel's cell phone.


Penny  02:23

The first call was at 11:20pm That was an outgoing call to Adrianne Leonard Marcus's ex-wife for one minute and 30 seconds.


Agent Maybin  02:34

So the second one we see is a message. And it said that night on May 11, 2019 at 11:30pm and it's a message to a female named Elizabeth Barrett. The message said, "Come here now please" there's a word in there, kind of you, you can see it here in a minute I guess, but it's a word that's kind of misspelled. "GITGYA  friend for you. Marcus."


Penny  03:00

The next message is at 11:36pm to Moriah Bray. “It's m a r c UA I need you ASAP not fun.” The next outgoing call was at 11:38 for six seconds to Olivia Gleason and she did not pick up. at 11:39 There was a call to Moriah Bray 


Agent Maybin  03:22

Then, also 11:39 There's an incoming call. One minute, five seconds and that call came from Adrianne Leonard, the defendant's ex-wife. Less than 10 minutes later, maybe eight or nine minutes later you have a message going out to Olivia Gleason. “It's Marcuz needs you to at Clark ASAP.” Then less than a minute later at 11:48 message To Olivia Gleason, “not fun work not fun.”


Penny  03:51

At 11:49 There's an outgoing call to Moriah Bray lasting 54 seconds and that's the voicemail that we played


Agent Maybin  04:00

about a minute after that message to Moriah Bray “It a Marcus I need you no fun.”


Penny  04:07

A couple minutes after that there's another outgoing call that's not picked up


Agent Maybin  04:12

six minutes later. Message went out to Marie Vicker's who's also testified says “Marcus I need you.” And then we go into the next morning early morning hours after midnight. Couple minutes later right around 12 o'clock in the am you got a Facebook call and message 24 minutes later another message to Moriah Bray “At Clark's please.” you got another one to Marie Vickers a MINUTE LATER “Marianne not full conscious” consciousness misspelled with similar meanings conscious call me so then you got about a minute later Facebook call to Deborah Carlisle a minute later incoming call from Marie Vickers seven seconds not answered 1243 Sometime later on. a message sent to Marie Baker's “it's me fool. Yes.” schis misspelled word “letting g that bullshit go. It's beautiful.”


Penny  05:12

There's an outgoing call finally to 911 at 1:06am lasting three minutes 31 seconds.


Agent Maybin  05:21

Yeah, so between those phone activities, it was hour and 46 minutes. Based on the statements in that phone call to Adrianne Leonard we know that Marianne Shockley was in some type of distress and according to defendant, having a hard time breathing and them having to do CPR.


ADA Coffey  05:41

When Did you interview Adrianne Leonard?


Agent Maybin  05:43

May 12th 2019 at 9:45am


ADA Coffey  05:47

and at that time, did you tell her, Adrianne, how Marianne died?


Agent Maybin  05:51

No. we, at that time, I did not know how she died.


Penny  05:56

The next day Monday May the 13th At 10:25am Miss Leonard contacted Agent Maybin. Miss Leonard said you need to talk to this woman who used to date Marcus. This woman told Miss Leonard that Marcus had choked her before. Agent Maybin interviewed Marcus for the first time at the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. He was under arrest at that time. Agent Maybin read him his Miranda rights and Marcus agreed to answer his questions without an attorney present. His signed waiver of Miranda rights was entered as evidence they're dated May 12th 2019 At 6:55am. ADA Coffey says that we've heard the defendant was under the influence of drugs, did he appear to understand what he was saying in this interview?


Agent Maybin  06:52

He did. He was very coherent, his speech was not slurred, he did not seem intoxicated and EMTs and paramedics arrived on the scene at 1:20ish, around 1:20 approximately in the morning. This was at 6:55, so it has been some time, you know, for four hours or so four or five hours. So he had a, you know, time that he was not taking any kind of intoxicants.


Penny  07:18

When asked, agent Maybin says that Marcus did not initially know that Clark had killed himself. ADA Coffey asks, Did you eventually tell him? 


Agent Maybin  07:29

I did. I initially got a statement from him, you know, without telling him what happened and then 38, I think it's around 38 minute mark, I asked him if he knew what had happened to Clark. And he said no, no. I told him what had happened. The first 38 minutes of the interview were, you know, he don't know what happened Marianne. She must have drowned. He denied doing anything to hurt her. And he also said that Mr. Sidney Heindel would never hurt her and didn't do anything to hurt her


Penny  07:58

ADA Coffey asks, What did he say after he found out Mr. Heindel killed himself?


Agent Maybin  08:05

within a minute he changed it to well it must have been Clark Heindel that killed her.


Penny  08:11

For about the next hour and nine minutes the jury listens to the recording of the interview between agent Maybin and Marcus Lillard before we take our afternoon break


Agent Maybin  08:24

tell me what in the world what happened 


Marcus Lillard  08:25

yesterday, Saturday, she came to my dad's house


Agent Maybin  08:28

And who's she? 


Marcus Lillard  08:29



Agent Maybin  

Marianne Shockley? 


Marcus Lillard

Yes, she's my girlfriend 


Agent Maybin  08:32



Marcus Lillard  08:32

for a while, went to town and ate, and we were all the way back to my dad's house. Clark lives like all the way to Dam Rd.  He's more of, more her buddy than he was mine but you know they've known each other for a couple years. Not really seen each other a lot of times but anyway she had never been to his house so I said swing by here. We was hanging out and I'd gone out to the woods to get some sticks to put in the fire. I guess he had gone back inside or gone to the porch or the pool whatever reason she was in a hot tub by herself. I came back around and she was slumped down in there. I pulled her out of it and she was limp, super limp. We started doing CPR on her. All I can think about now is my first instinct should've been to not even worry about CPR, threw her in the truck and hall butt to town. I mean it should have been the first move. I kept thinking I could hear breath and every time I breathed she would breathe back it felt like


Agent Maybin  09:30

Every time you breathe your breath into her


Marcus Lillard  09:34

It was my breath coming back. Just kept feeling like she's so close and feel like she's right here, she's right here. I can feel it in her like something was coming out and just kind of...I don't know how long we waited to call, it was too long, it was too damn long. We just took turns doin' CPR on her I think it was over before We started. I don't know how long she was in the hot tub by herself, at least 30 minutes. I've never picked anybody up and them just be all the way limp like that. She was already gone. For a minute I was having these ideas, is she putting on? I mean, this don't look right. How do you just, I mean, how does that happen. And then I got to thinking about it and I think she hit her head in the hot tub. Maybe she was trying to get out and slipped and hit it. I don't know what happened.


Agent Maybin  10:20

So how was y'all's relationship? You and Marianne?


Marcus Lillard  10:23

Great. Great. Great. Yeah, great. I called her bright and early Saturday morning and we talked a little bit and I think she showed up at my dad's house at maybe 1:30 or 2 yesterday Between 12:30 and 2, somewhere in there. into whatever


Agent Maybin  10:36

So she came over to your dad's house and what did y'all do from there?


Marcus Lillard  10:39

We sat around there for a few hours, several hours. Her and my dad always had a good time He's UGA Alumni, and her working at UGA, get bored to death talking about football. Some smiles and laughs and listens. We actually went to Aubri Lanes, we went to the old country club


Agent Maybin  10:57

so what times did y'all go to Aubri Lanes?


Marcus Lillard  10:58

4 or 5 maybe? Somewhere in that range. We ate there and we actually stopped, we kind of ate light, stopped at the local Mexican restaurant in downtown Milledgeville which I hadn't been to yet and we got some to go stuff one of which was a bowl of soup for Clark


Agent Maybin  11:16

Alright, so y'all picked him up some soup. Did he, did you ask...


Marcus Lillard  11:19

Before we stopped there I said hey man, you home? at home you know I wouldn't mind swinging by you know. Marianne's with me. So, he's yeah, yeah, yeah, come on. I mean like they got to be buddies you know she put together on a conference and he drove all the way to Athens to lead yoga like three days in a row.


Agent Maybin  11:32

To do what now?


Marcus Lillard  11:33

To teach yoga at a conference she put together 


Agent Maybin  11:36

So Marianne and Clark are friends? they know each other? they're familiar with each other. 


Marcus Lillard  11:41



Agent Maybin  11:42

Any relationship with them sexual-wise? anything going on with them that you know of?


Marcus Lillard  11:49

Every dude I've been around thought she was hot. He was a respectful guy, you know.


Agent Maybin  11:56

But he knew y'all were boyfriend and girlfriend. 


Marcus Lillard  11:58

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Agent Maybin  11:58

There wasn't no kind of swinging going on. 


Marcus Lillard  12:02

No, sir.


Agent Maybin  12:03

You call Clark and I guess y'all talking about you coming over to his house?


Marcus Lillard  12:06

I said, hey man, you at home? He said yeah, come by. That's when we stopped and got that and went to his house. It's not quite dark, maybe 45 minutes to an hour before dark. We sit around and eat, talked for a good hour and a half maybe even two about different stuff and then he and I started playing music. Probably went on about an hour.


Agent Maybin  12:28

play music like guitar, or?


Marcus Lillard  12:29

He plays an accordion. I can play the drums. Marianne was sitting on the porch with us and I got in the water first. I jumped in the pool and then the hot tub. And about the time she got in, I said I'm gonna go build us a fire and I hopped out.


Agent Maybin  12:44

she got in what 


Marcus Lillard  12:45

The hot tub. 


Agent Maybin  12:46

what time was this? Meaning a guesstimate? What do you think of it? 


Marcus Lillard  12:54

10 or 11. I really don't know. 


Agent Maybin  12:56

It was later in the night,  dark?


Marcus Lillard  12:59

It was probably at least 11 maybe. She and I got in the hot tub for a little while. I mean like 20, 30 minutes, something like that. 


Agent Maybin  13:07

Where was Clark? 


Marcus Lillard  13:09

He was inside the house at that point.


Agent Maybin  13:10

Did he ever get in the hot tub with y'all?


Marcus Lillard  13:13

I had already gotten out I think he got in as I was looking for wood.


Agent Maybin  13:17

and at some point you get out to go get wood and Clark gets in? or he didn't?


Marcus Lillard  13:22

I don't know if he got in or not. 


Agent Maybin  13:24

Was ya drinking? I mean is your memory... I mean honestly is your memory...


Marcus Lillard  13:29

he wasn't in when I got out of it and he wasn't in it when I got back, so I feel like he had gotten in there at some point yes but I didn't see him get in there and we didn't talk about it because we, as soon as I  got back and I saw her, I pulled her out of the pool


Agent Maybin  13:41

Cause the last time you saw him, he was in the house? 


Marcus Lillard  13:43

Yes, sir. 


Agent Maybin  13:43

Okay, so you never saw him in the pool?


Marcus Lillard  13:45

He was on the porch 


Agent Maybin  13:46

Okay, so you get out after being in the hot tub with her you said 20, 30 minutes, is that what you said  so you go get some firewood, so y'all had a fire I guess somewhere out there


Marcus Lillard  13:52

[Mumbles] Yeah. We were gonna make one, there was a fire pit right behind the hot tub, it was 20 feet away. 15.


Agent Maybin  13:56

Okay. It was raining though, right? that was right in there.


Marcus Lillard  13:57

It was on a little break between 


Agent Maybin  13:59



Marcus Lillard  13:59

We already had a little one going so I just wanted to get, that's why I went deeper in the woods is to get some stuff that was dry. Really just trying to get some pine straw and all that good stuff. I just went traipsing around


Agent Maybin  14:14

I see your legs. Some Briar. so how long you reckon you out there in the woods? 


Marcus Lillard  14:22

I'm gonna say 30 minutes. 


Agent Maybin  14:23

And now, gathering wood. Are you doing it with your arms or you gotta 


Marcus Lillard  

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yea. I just went walkin. I'm barefoot so I step on a stick and pick it up. And then as I was walking back and there here it is, and right where I dropped this off at my back  Looking at the lights on the front porch and the hot tub's like right here. And I can look and I saw her head way down low She was unconscious already. 


Agent Maybin  

As you're coming up with the wood you said you saw her head 


Marcus Lillard  14:54

I can tell you there's lights on the thing. It's got lights going in there. You can just tell she was sitting low in there And I walked over there, "Hey Mare, hey Mare, hey Mare." And she didn't respond.


Agent Maybin  15:05

Where was Clark at this point? 


Marcus Lillard  15:06

He was on his front porch. 


Agent Maybin  15:07

So he wasn't in the hot tub?


Marcus Lillard  15:08

he, he yelled across the yard, Good job man. Good catch. Or something like that. Is she okay? And I'm "no man, she's not okay."  As soon as I pulled her out, I 


Agent Maybin  15:11

Good job, what's he talking about?


Marcus Lillard  15:19

 To notice that she was over there and passed out. 


Agent Maybin  15:21



Marcus Lillard  15:22

I couldn't hold her up, we fell.


Agent Maybin  15:25

So when you get there to her, what, describe to me how she was and how she looked.


Marcus Lillard  15:29

I mean she was slumped down in the water and she was unconscious.


Agent Maybin  15:33

was her whole body underwater or tell me, describe to me the details


Marcus Lillard  15:37

all the way up to their nose, there's this much coming out of water. And she's got her head up against the back of the thing. At one point, it looked like it was under and then when I got closer, like it was right around. She was underwater.


Agent Maybin  15:50

What You're describing, you pointed to the bridge of the nose? So her, her nose was under water? 


Marcus Lillard  15:54



Agent Maybin  15:55

okay. And what did you do when you saw that? 


Marcus Lillard  15:57

I started hollering at her And shaking her and she ain't moving, I grabbed her out of the hot tub. As soon as I got her up and out and I got all the way over the top, we both just planted. Yeah that's bad. 


Agent Maybin  16:09

Okay, did you get in the hot tub, to get her out. 


Marcus Lillard  16:12

I can't say.


Agent Maybin  16:13

But you're pulling her out, 


Marcus Lillard  16:15

I pulled her, I had hooked her under her arms and put my arms under her and then when we fell right there on the pool deck then I was like, well, I need to get her this way. I won't be able to get around the pool with her. I threw her on my back and swam to the other end rather than try to, I can't carry her.


Agent Maybin  16:28

I think you insinuated or you said that you fell with her 



Marcus Lillard  16:35

we fell, yes. She and I both fell, yes.  onto the pool deck 

onto the pool deck, bad. It was real bad.


Agent Maybin  16:37

how many times?


Marcus Lillard  16:39

one. one was enough. It split her head wide open.


Agent Maybin  16:42

So you're saying when y'all fell She hit her head? 


Marcus Lillard  16:44



Agent Maybin  16:45

Okay, and you pointed to the forehead?


Marcus Lillard  16:47

Yes. a big gash. I guess one side.


Agent Maybin  16:51

And when, when you fell, Where's, where's Clark at this point?


Marcus Lillard  16:56

By that point, he moved down that way. And it he was on he was at the other end and I say I'll said, I just, I can't walk her down here, I need to get her over here and get a better little area where, So I just threw her on my back and swam to the smaller steps and we came right out and laid her on the steps on that end


Agent Maybin  17:12

Can you say, or you said you threw her on your back, is that what you said?  


Marcus Lillard  17:16

we're both laying on the ground. Kind of have to roll her over on top of me


Agent Maybin  17:21

 So, like, her arm? 


Marcus Lillard  17:23

like that, yeah, then shot straight to the swimming pool with her on my back and then came out of the water with her and then we started both working on her


Agent Maybin  17:30

now why did you do it? Why wouldn't Clark just come to you? 


Marcus Lillard  17:34

I don't know, man. 


Agent Maybin  17:34

I'm just, I'm asking


Marcus Lillard  17:36

I've been sitting here rewinding, I mean,  why don't we? I mean, why didn't I put her in the truck and run to town? I don't know. I don't know why I ran it like I did. My 20 year ago lifeguarding I guess thought had me enough that I thought I was gonna be able to do a good enough job of CPR to save my own girlfriend. 


Agent Maybin  17:51

How long you..


Marcus Lillard  17:52

Cause there wasn't any gurgling that's what didn't make, it didn't make sense. Like it didn't. I don't know, I've never seen a drowning victim, I don't know what they do. But you know, I always thought I do enough chest compressions, she's gonna spit this up and I kept expecting it. It was feeling like she was trying to give it up all the whole time. I felt like she was still, I felt like she was still there. But then as soon as they put her in the ambulance, I got to thinking, she had to have been gone when I got her out of the hot tub. So if she wasn't already gone, she was at least you know unconscious. But


Agent Maybin  18:26

 she wasn't talking? 


Marcus Lillard  18:27

there was nothing. nothing.


Agent Maybin  18:29

When you picked her up you said she was


Marcus Lillard  18:30

From the moment I took her out of the hot tub until they put her in the ambulance 


Agent Maybin  18:33

She was limp, dead weight,


Marcus Lillard  18:34

Limp, dead weight, wouldn't respond. But when I breathed in her mouth, it felt like it was coming back to me. And it was, she was, really weird noise on, I pushed on her belly a couple of times. I've never heard anything like that. It's like a creaking moment. Something that was coming out of her belly. It just sounded really weird.


Agent Maybin  18:54

How long y'all do CPR on her?


Marcus Lillard  18:56

I'm gonna say 45 minutes, but it could've been longer than that, I don't know. 


Agent Maybin  19:00

What reasons did you not call 911 during that 45 minutes, not calling anybody?


Marcus Lillard  19:06

I don't know. I can't answer that either. I did call, I called my ex-wife and I called two or three of his folks that I thought lived right up the street. The whole time I was like It just didn't even feel real. 


Agent Maybin  19:18

So you say you called your ex-wife. 


Marcus Lillard  19:20

She's a respiratory therapist and she lives like two miles away. Just on a long shot maybe she'd be nearby


Agent Maybin  19:26

Did she answer? 


Marcus Lillard  19:27



Agent Maybin  19:28

Did you tell her what was going on?


Marcus Lillard  19:29

Yeah And we called 911 shortly after that.


Agent Maybin  19:32

Who else did you call during the time?


Marcus Lillard  19:36

I tried to call another woman who's a paramedic to see if she could tell me what to do


Agent Maybin  19:41

Who's that 


Marcus Lillard  19:42

Debra Carlisle. See didn't answer. And I'm pretty sure it's right after that is when Clark called 911. I sent messages to some of them other yoga girls to see if they were nearby.


Agent Maybin  19:53

Now, everybody drinking? drug use, anything like that?


Marcus Lillard  19:57

 She was drinking; she'd been drinking all day.


Agent Maybin  20:00

I mean just was she intoxicated? 


Marcus Lillard  20:02

She always drank a lot.


Agent Maybin  20:04

any drug use out there? no? no marijuana anything like that? Nothing, no hard drugs, cocaine?


Marcus Lillard  20:11

I don't do anything. 


Agent Maybin  20:12

What about her, is she into that?  


Marcus Lillard  20:15

Not any hard stuff 


Agent Maybin  20:16

so we do an autopsy we gonna find any drugs in her system?


Marcus Lillard  20:19

I'm sure she's got pot in her system. Everybody I know in Athens has got those little vape pens. The last moments I saw her, she was perfectly lucid.


Penny  20:31

at this point Marcus is denying that either he nor Clark were intoxicated and we don't need to go into the graphic details but we can tell from Marcus's description that Marianne is deceased


Agent Maybin  20:49

Can you draw like a sketch for me like the hot tub and the pool and the porch and show me like where it started and where you moved all the places you moved her


Marcus Lillard  20:57

[sounds of the pen on paper as Marcus draws a sketch of the area] so here's the house and porch, pool goes here, hot tub's over here. Fire pit was over here. I came in out of the woods, dropped stuff off at the fire pit, she's in this corner of the hot tub I got her and drug her out, here's the diving board over here. Like I don't know, there's a chair and a table or something we stumbled over something somewhere over on this end. we get in the pool, swim her to this end, there's steps came out, worked on her right there on that dot for a little bit. I mean, I accept it all. I mean this was my girlfriend. I just, Clark's a good bit older than I am and I always thought was a lot smarter and he just seemed he seemed real casual about it was like he wasn't freaking out so I kind of didn't freak out so we just kind of went on with the with CPR and that went on for a while that I can, honestly can't remember. I guess we finished somewhere around in here and I don't know why we would've moved again. Something about wanting to get to some light, seems like we said.


Agent Maybin  21:54

that's what I was gonna ask was how do you wind up back over here. do you think he did anything to her? 


Marcus Lillard  22:03

uh uh.


Agent Maybin  22:04

he ever made you feel uncomfortable? or made her feel uncomfortable like you thought he was trying to move in on her and y'all never had any type of three-way or anything like that. Nothing crazy like that. Do you know what Clark's status is right now? Do you know anything but what happened to him?


Marcus Lillard  22:20

Last I saw was when everybody showed up. They put me in the back of a car I've been laying down ever since man.  I mean, just watched my girlfriend die. I didn't take her to the damn hospital.


Agent Maybin  22:31

Did you and her ever get in any type altercation? 


Marcus Lillard  22:33

No, we never had a fuss.


Agent Maybin  22:35



Marcus Lillard  22:35

She's the sweetest thing ever. 


Agent Maybin  22:36

She didn't hit you, you didn't hit her? Did you put her hands your hands on her any time violently tonight. 


Marcus Lillard  22:37

She's the sweetest thing ever.  Never. 


Agent Maybin  22:39

Did you choke her, or anything like that?


Marcus Lillard  22:45



Agent Maybin  22:47

 So when we do...


Marcus Lillard  22:48

I've been married two other times and I never put my hand on either one of them neither. No, I don't abuse women. She would've never given me a reason to, we get along great.


Agent Maybin  22:58

So when we do the autopsy, we won't see any type of strangulation like that. Nothing like that. I know you know you said and we've observed the gash in the head. But other than that they shouldn't be anything else.


Marcus Lillard  23:11

I noticed when they put her in the ambulance her neck was really really blue. I just like oh well that's about you know what, you know I don't know it that's us moving around or at some point in our CPR. If I had my hands on you know, when I had her nose pulled up, her chin. Her, it was really really really blue. She, when she fell she gashed right there and then it hit a couple other spots. She had some bruises. 


Agent Maybin  23:36

Marcus I'm gonna tell ya. during d the time that I guess you were in the backseat of the car. Clark went inside his house and he committed suicide inside the house


Marcus Lillard  23:46

Oh shit. You're kidding.


Agent Maybin  23:52

I'm not I'm not kidding. why would why would he do that? 


Marcus Lillard  23:59

I don't know. Maybe that'll shed some light, though. 


Agent Maybin  24:07

I mean, it's weird. 


Marcus Lillard  24:09

That is weird. 


Agent Maybin  24:11

If there's anything you're not telling me I need to know it man listen to me there's something you're not telling me


Marcus Lillard  24:17

there's a pretty good chance that Clark got in that hot tub and put a move on her.  I will say there's a very high chance of really high chance that 


Agent Maybin  24:25

Listen. Listen to me. 


Marcus Lillard  24:27

I wasn't in there, so I don't know and he wasn't in there when I got back.  but I feel like he got in there yeah,


Agent Maybin  24:33

you feel that you got, he got in there. You know he got in there you don't just feel that way.


Marcus Lillard  24:38

I didn't see him in there,  but I know he did get in Yes.


Agent Maybin  24:41

I know there's stuff you're leaving out and I need to know it, Marcus.


Marcus Lillard  24:44

I really ain't. 


Agent Maybin  24:45

we got we got you got to get it out there. You can't. You can't, you ain't gonna be able to cover it up. It's gonna come out man.


Marcus Lillard  24:50

If I had something to tell ya, I promise you I'd tell ya. I'm a lot of shit  but a liar ain't one. I was gone when she was in that hot tub, man.


Agent Maybin  24:58

I've been doing this a long time. You're not being honest with me. He did it for a reason, Marcus


Marcus Lillard  25:03

Maybe there's something to it, but there's nothing I wouldn't have left her in a situation like that if I thought there was any danger in it. I mean he's a little old man. He's a little old yoga Teacher. He just was cooler to me he was always just a cool philosopher guy.


Agent Maybin  25:16

 Were y'all, were you letting him 


Marcus Lillard  25:18



Agent Maybin  25:19

hit on her and sharin' her with him?


Marcus Lillard  25:22

No, no.


Agent Maybin  25:23

 I mean, was that the plan? Was that what was going on?


Marcus Lillard  25:25



Agent Maybin  25:26

Something happened.


Marcus Lillard  25:28

He's a flirty guy. He would've taken a shot at her, no question about it. But in my mind, she's gonna hold her own anyway.  I mean, if she wanted to do it, She'd do it, and if she didn't, she wouldn't've. We've never done anything like that before. So that would have been it would have been no reason to start now


Agent Maybin  25:44

we got a dead woman in the hot tub on the pool deck, blood, and you the only one livin', so if it's murder, you're gonna tote it all by yourself if you don't Tell me. tell me the damn truth. Just tell me what happened


Marcus Lillard  25:55

I just told you everything that I know, man.


Agent Maybin  25:57

you're not. you're leaving something out. You just don't want to say because it makes you look bad. Something makes you


Marcus Lillard  26:05

I ain't worried about me at this point. And I'm not worried about getting implicated because I know I didn't do anything wrong. I mean if there's a charge for not having taken her to the hospital immediately, then I need to go and take that one because I earned that one. But I didn't I didn't harm her. I didn't do it. She was. She was already unconscious when I got to her


Agent Maybin  26:22

I want you to stand up and I'll take photographs of you, if you'll just stand up just like you are against the wall.


Marcus Lillard  26:28

I mean really for me at this point in my life ruined regardless of what happens. I mean I just lost my woman I just want to stay here anyway. 


Agent Maybin  26:37



Marcus Lillard  26:37

I can't go back out of here after this  I mean that she's got a family that's gonna blame me for this but I mean regardless because I didn't throw her in the truck and shoot to the hospital right away. I mean, my initial response was not the right one like I said I thought I could fix it right there on the spot. 911 never would've crossed my mind. I would've took her to the hospital just like calling an ambulance would have never even, would have been, would have never known me in a circumstance


Agent Maybin  26:40

What do you mean  I see all these here you say all this is from tonight in the woods, or you tell me? What about the arms?


Marcus Lillard  27:10



Agent Maybin  27:11

That's from woods too? What happened to your elbow?


Marcus Lillard  27:14



Agent Maybin  27:15



Marcus Lillard  27:16

I can't really say. I must've done, looks like it's got Briars stuck in it. 


Agent Maybin  27:22

What about here, is that a scrape right there? and that didn't happen tonight? that looks fairly fresh


Marcus Lillard  27:27

Yeah, I'm sure they did. 


Agent Maybin  27:28

How did that happen? 


Marcus Lillard  27:31

more than likely whenever we fell. I got my knee and all that too. We fell full force


Agent Maybin  27:37

help me out man. do you do you think he did something to her? 


Marcus Lillard  27:39

I don't think she would've did it to herself and I know I didn't do anything that after you told me that I mean, 


Agent Maybin  27:46

what did he do? 


Marcus Lillard  27:47

I don't know. But I mean for you telling me that I mean he's got something people blow the brains out for no reason. I mean I definitely see from y'all's end, you've got to point a finger at someone, man


Agent Maybin  27:58

Listen, it ain’t about pointing fingers. It's about following the evidence and it's about some something happened to this woman and it ain't looking good. It don't look right. You, it looks fishy I mean, you, when, you can't. you can't


Marcus Lillard  28:09

I agree 100%. I know this, whatever forensics y'all do, or whatever I mean, if I did it, I'd just go ahead and tell you. There ain't no way I could live with this if I did. 


Agent Maybin  28:20

Let me ask you this. if Clark 


Marcus Lillard  28:22

I don't think he could have done anything if he wanted to  especially I wasn't far enough away if there could have been some kind of struggle like that. I don't know I would've heard it. 


Agent Maybin  28:31

you didn't hear anything?


Marcus Lillard  28:32

I didn't hear nothing.


Agent Maybin  28:33

 You didn't hear her holler, scream, nothing?


Marcus Lillard  28:35

Uh uh. Why they hell else would he kill himself? 


Agent Maybin  28:38

it's weird man. Very 


Marcus Lillard  28:41

I wonder if he gave her something?


Agent Maybin  28:43

What do you mean like gave her something like drugs? What's he take, what's he do? What is he into?


Marcus Lillard  28:47

He drinks smokes pot. That's everything. They dabble in whatever I mean Like I said, I don't do any of it.


Agent Maybin  28:55

I mean, you smoke weed.


Marcus Lillard  28:58

I don't now. I had off and off, off and on my whole life. I've had enough trouble with drugs, man. I don't want no more trouble with that. 


Agent Maybin  29:05

well, weed ain't gonna fuck her up like that. So what do you what else is he doing? What else is he doing?


Marcus Lillard  29:10

It was always rumored that he liked to do Molly and X stuff like that. I had that thought last night that there was a potential and maybe at some point that maybe that happened. I had that thought while I was laying in the back of that police Car, waiting on whatever to happen next.


Penny  29:26

After the break. ADA Coffey shows agent Maybin exhibits 121 through 124. He describes pictures of Marcus Lillard that show Briar scratches on the front of his legs and feet. On his right hand his knuckles are red. His left hand has scratches and marks. ADA Coffey says we heard in the interview that it wouldn't occur to the defendant to call 911. She asks if agent Maybin followed up on that. He called 911 dispatch and gave them Marcus's phone number to search for prior 911 calls. The following is a recording of a 911 call Marcus placed earlier on May 11 2019. Sometime around noon


911 Operator  30:23

Baldwin County 911. 


Marcus Lillard  30:26

yes ma'am this probably needs to go to Milledgeville city, but I just want to report a erratic driver. There's a guy looks like about a 98 Honda Accord silver getting ready to cross the Oconee right now that's passing people in the turning the double lanes blowing horns flipping birds, just acting like a fool. He's probably going 80 miles an hour down 24 right now. Heading into downtown, crossing the bridge as we speak. 


911 Operator  30:51

Okay, sir. 


Marcus Lillard  30:52

Alright, thanks.


Penny  30:54

it's still the third day of the trial late in the afternoon, with still an hour and a half left of testimony. In the next episode, we will play the second interview with Marcus Lillard. Agent Maybin is joined by Mary Chandler, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the GBI. This interview took place on Sunday, May 12 2019. At 1:20pm. We will post the pictures of Marcus Lillard from his first interview, as well as the sketch that he drew on our website and social media. Join Patreon at for early access and bonus content, or leave a rating or review on Apple podcasts, good pods, or Spotify. You can visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram at bloodtownpodcast and on Twitter @bloodtownpod

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