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Blood Town is a serial true-crime podcast. We cover the murder of a UGA Professor found unconscious in a hot tub during the early hours of Mother’s Day in 2019. Headlines rippled around the globe about the “Hot Tub Murder.” In the sleepy middle Georgia town called Milledgeville where Marianne Shockley died, a sordid history is revealed where the largest mental hospital in the world was once located miles from the murder scene.

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Penny Dearmin

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Season 2: Blood Town on Trial

We bring you coverage from the State of Georgia v. Marcus Lillard trial. He is charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, involuntary manslaughter, and reckless conduct. From opening arguments to closing statements, the State contends that Marcus Lillard had a history of strangling women during sex and did strangle his girlfriend Marianne Shockley on Mother’s Day 2019, causing her death. They further argue that his conduct was reckless by not calling 911 for nearly two hours. The defense purports that there is no evidence that sex or violence took place that night, and if it did, there is no evidence that it was caused by Marcus Lillard.


Hear all of the evidence and testimony from the trial and decide for yourself if Marcus Lillard is guilty or not guilty.

14 episodes + 2 bonus episodes

13 Episodes

Premiered Nov. 2019

Real-time coverage

Season 1: Mother's Day Murder

​​We examine the case of Marianne Shockley, an Entomology Professor at the University of Georgia, who was murdered by strangulation. At the home where her body was found, the homeowner, Clark Heindel, committed suicide while the police processed the scene and her boyfriend was in the back seat of the Sheriff's car. Marcus Lillard was placed under arrest and charged with her murder, but many questions remain. Who murdered Marianne Shockley?

Rating and Warnings

Blood Town has an explicit rating. Some content might be disturbing to listeners. Contains vulgar language, description of violence, sexual content, drug use, and suicide. Opinions of guests may not reflect the opinion of Blood Town or its creators. 

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, contact the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by  calling  or texting 988 or chat online at 



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Episodes & Transcripts

Transcripts and episode images are available on the Details drop-down menu for each episode. 

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