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Still on Earth: Images & Transcript

Last known photo of Marianne Shockley & Marcus Lillard

Last known photo of Marianne Shockley & Marcus Lillard

TRANSCRIPT: Season 2, Episode 2


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Ayla, Judge Burleson, Andrew Brantley, ADA Malcor, Unknown, Robotic machine, Penny, McDade, 911 Operator, Chris Thomas, Mr. Tucker, Clark Heindel, Marcus Lillard, ADA Coffey


Penny  00:06

I'm Penny Dearmin. This is season two Blood Town on Trial. Last episode we heard opening statements and now the state calls their first witness.


Ayla  00:27

My name is Allison Crippen. I go by Ayla. 


ADA Malcor  00:30

Are you related to Marianne Shockley? 


Ayla  00:33

Sure am. I'm her sister.


ADA Malcor  00:35

And where did y'all grow up?


Ayla  00:38

My father's family, Shockley, is originally from Appalachee. That's the community in Madison. And we grew up our driveway was a mile long. We were outside all the time. There were four of us. We were each other's friends, because there was nothing else to do except, you know, climb trees and play in the creek and stuff like that. It was a great childhood. And where was she working in May of 2009. At the University of Georgia in the Entomology Department,


ADA Malcor  01:07

what did she do there?


Ayla  01:08

She was a professor. She did outreach programs, she organized a bug camp. This is I'm actually wearing today, one of her little, you know, the kids had name tags. So hers had her name on it. And the others had said, bug lady, you know, I went to one of her the outreach things after she passed, that was at in Athens that was hosted by her students. They were trying to keep it going. And I picked up something I don't know and let it crawl on me. And I was like, Oh, I get it now. Okay, cool. So she just really had a way with reaching people where they were at not not in a, you know, oh, you should love bugs, but just just by showing them what they were. I mean, she had a real gift. So she was very, very, and still is looked up to and revered in her industry. And since her passing, I just get people reach out to me all the time via Facebook, and say, you know, she affected my life. She you know, we were working on this entomophagy thing. She really made a huge impact in that industry. And just the all the students that she taught as well.


ADA Malcor  02:25

And are you familiar with Mother's Day of 2019?


Ayla  02:29

I will never forget Mother's Day or May 12.


ADA Malcor  02:32

What were the plans for that Mother's Day?


Ayla  02:36

So Appalachee is a community in Madison. So Appalachia itself is very, very small. And there's two churches, the Baptist Church and Methodist Church. So we've always gone to the Methodist Church. And when I say small, I mean like two families, and we run everything. So whether it's cleaning or serving or Marianne and I acolyted it for years and years and years did the offertory. So church was very important in our upbringing. And Marianne as she lived in that area, went every single Sunday taught Sunday school, etc. So every mother's day since I can remember, my dad would always cut fresh roses and the ladies that had deceased mothers would get white roses and the ladies that would that had mothers living would get red roses. So my dad had stopped by Marianne's house, he had just cut them and he, she was in the shower, and then he said, Hey, I've got the roses for you. Make sure you bring them tomorrow and she said, Okay, you just leave 'em in a glass of water on my table. So she was planning on being back. Nora had made her mother's day cake that Saturday, when she went down to Milledgeville. It was just going to be a quick trip because she had she was going to Ecuador on Thursday. So it wasn't premeditated. I'm sure it was or thought through I'm sure she just woke up. She's very spontaneous. So I can just see her waking up and going okay, I think I'll go to Milledgeville


ADA Malcor  03:56

Do You know, the defendant, in this case, Marcus Lillard? 


Ayla  03:59

I do, 


ADA Malcor  03:59

how do you know him,


Ayla  04:00

we went to college together for a little bit back in like 95/96.


Penny  04:05

Ada Malcor asks, If Marianne knew the defendant.


Ayla  04:09

I don't know if they knew each other or not, honestly. I mean, we went to school in Milledgeville, so there's not that many bars and stuff. So they could have met each other there. But he's, he's my age. So she was a little bit older. But I mean, and he hung out with, like, kind of my group of friends. So I don't, I couldn't say absolutely either way. 


ADA Malcor  04:27

What was the nature of their relationship in May of 2019? 


Ayla  04:32

They were loosely dating. It was casual. They, she had taken him on some of these trips abroad. 


ADA Malcor  04:41

And to where?


Ayla  04:43

 I know that he went to China with her. I know they went out west and up to New York together. I think there was also another tropical rainforest somewhere trip, I don't it wasn't Ecuador, obviously. Although he was scheduled to go to that. That following Thursday.


ADA Malcor  04:59

Did you spend time with the defendant when he was with Marianne?


Ayla  05:03

Yeah, he would come down to my parent’s house. You know, we came to a family reunion once. So yeah. Were you friends? Yeah, I would say, um, you know, Marianne had different men that she dated, and she would bring them around. And they were not always the type of person that I would date. So it wasn't unusual for her to be dating somebody and bring them around


Penny  05:32

ADA Malcor introduces two pictures into evidence of Marianne Shockley at various bug events. And then she enters into evidence, exhibit three.


Ayla  05:44

So this picture is Marcus and Marianne, It's her last picture that was taken while she was on earth.


Penny  05:53

In this selfie, you can see Marcus wearing a straw hat and a tank top and smiling. It looks like they're in Bollywood. And Marianne is also smiling at the camera, and has on it looks like a dark or black T shirt with some beaded jewelry. And we'll go ahead and share that on our social media as well. Ayla testified that Marianne and Marcus were dating, that he was initially spending time in Appalachee at Marianne's house. And then more recently, Marianne had been going to visit Marcus.



She shared with me that they had a lot of sex when they saw each other because they didn't see each other that often. He traveled for work. And so he would be gone on or my understanding from her telling me he would be gone on the job for a few months at a time. And so they wouldn't see each other for kind of spans of time. And then when they would think we'd have a lot of sex.


Penny  06:49

Ayla received a phone call from her mother early on Mother's Day morning.


Ayla  06:55

And she said, Marianne's gone, she's drowned. And I just lost it. I was like, This doesn't make any sense. She's got this trip to Ecuador Nora's got the rodeo, Marianne's extremely responsible. You know, Mother's Day is today like she would never miss anything with the church ever, ever, ever. It was it was very confusing.


Penny  07:18

Next is Mr. Tucker with his cross examination of the witness.


Mr. Tucker  07:23

And you said that they were loosely dating, but actually, they were going to China, to out west, to New York, they were gone, a lot of time to spend together during that period of time. Correct?


Ayla  07:37

On the trips. Yeah, but she's also taking 30 Kids, so maybe it's not like they're on vacation together. I mean, she's working the whole time.


Mr. Tucker  07:45

You stated that she was going down to spend a lot of time with him.


Ayla  07:49

I didn't say a lot of time she was traveling down there to see him. I don't know the extent of how many trips she took down there. I just knew that. At one point he was coming up to Madison to see her which is when I had interactions with him and then that discontinued and she started going down to Milledgeville. 


Mr. Tucker  08:04

So there was a lot of time spent together that as you said loosely dating that could be considered a boyfriend girlfriend relationship Correct?


Ayla  08:12

My understanding is that it was an open relationship. A close relationship would mean you're only seeing each other and open relationship means that it's not as serious because you're seeing other people


Mr. Tucker  08:26

Appreciate that explanation but I asked a specific question. People that spend time with each other go on trips and go and meet each other that is typically considered a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Correct?


Ayla  08:39

If you want to put a title on it. 


Mr. Tucker  08:42

So, That's Yes. Or no. 


Ayla  08:45

They were interested in each other. I can say that. 


Mr. Tucker  08:48

Is that a yes or no? 


Ayla  08:49

I know they were not exclusive.


Penny  08:51

The next witness is the 911 operator. We will be playing the entire 911 Call which may be disturbing to some listeners. [Phone dialing and ringing]


911 Operator  09:11

Baldwin County 911.


Clark Heindel  09:13

Yes. I need An ambulance at 115 Watson Reynolds road.


911 Operator  09:18

Okay, and what's going on. Oh,


Clark Heindel  09:20

I think she's drowned or she's drowning. She slipped onto the hot tub.


911 Operator  09:27

Okay. Repeat that.


Clark Heindel  09:30

115 Watson Reynolds road.


911 Operator  09:33

Okay, whose in the hot tub?


Clark Heindel  09:38

What's her last name? Marianne Shockley.


911 Operator  09:42

She slipped inside of the hot tub is she is she breathing?


Clark Heindel  09:47

She's breathing but its labored and I don't know how much of it has to do with CPR and 


911 Operator  09:54

Is she still in the hot tub?


Clark Heindel  09:58

She's lying on the side of the pool 


911 Operator  10:02

okay and she is breathing Right? 


Clark Heindel  10:04

I think so. Her lips are blue though


911 Operator  10:10

You said her her lips are blue


Clark Heindel  10:12



911 Operator  10:13

 How old is she?


Clark Heindel  10:15

 How old is she 38, 40? 42.


911 Operator  10:28

Is have any trouble breathing? 


Clark Heindel  10:30

Yes she is 


911 Operator  10:35

all right back in just verify 115 Watson Reynolds road?


Clark Heindel  10:41

That's right.


911 Operator  10:42

Alright,  stay on the line with me I'm gonna connect this with the EMS service when I pick the line let me give them your address first okay [Phone dials and rings]


Penny  11:15

I know the whole time this phone is ringing that Marianne is laying on the concrete pool deck and she's dead and she's been dead for a long time [Phone continues ringing]


911 Operator  12:06

okay, I'm not sure why they didn't pick up the phone but we do already have the ambulance and fire department in route to you. Okay. 


Clark Heindel  12:13

All right. Thank you.


911 Operator  12:14

Alright  just verify you did say that she was breathing, right?


Clark Heindel  12:18

Yeah, She's not breathing. 


911 Operator  12:19

She's not breathing? 


Clark Heindel  12:22

It's give and take. I can't tell what's CPR and what's not.


911 Operator  12:25

Okay. Are you there with her right now? 


Clark Heindel  12:27



911 Operator  12:31

Alright, sir. I'm gonna hang up and call you back and connect you with the EMS service, okay? 


Clark Heindel  12:36

Do I need to hang up?  Yes, sir. You can hang up.


Judge Burleson  12:42

cross examination? 


Penny  12:44

Mr. Tucker asks if generally in situations like that when people call if they're a little more hysterical than what he sounds like.


911 Operator  12:54

Most times Yes, sir.


Penny  12:56

ADA Coffey calls Christopher Thomas from the Baldwin County Fire Rescue.


ADA Coffey  13:02

When you arrived on the scene, what did you notice?


Chris Thomas  13:05

When I arrived on the scene, I see a man performing CPR on a  female. I took over CPR on the lady and there was two men there and one was trying to do CPR onone was just standing there. I parked the engine on the main road there and rode in with Lt. McDade there in his patrol car.


ADA Coffey  13:29

And, as you said when you pulled in there, you notice there are two men there and a lady and were any of them wearing clothes?


Penny  13:37

He says One man had on shorts and the other one had a towel wrapped around him and the woman was covered partially by either a sheet or a blanket or a towel. 


ADA Coffey  13:50

How do they appear?What was their demeanor like? 


Chris Thomas  13:53

I've got to say nervous. 


ADA Coffey  13:55

Did the EMTs arrived shortly thereafter? 


Chris Thomas  13:58

approximately within 6 to 10 minutes they arrived we put her, put the victim in an ambulance and the paramedic made the call to the doctor and we stopped CPR. 


ADA Coffey  14:12

And did you notice anything about the victim Marianne Shockley? 


Chris Thomas  14:17

she had a big gash on her forehead. I Remember that, 


ADA Coffey  14:21

Is there anything you noticed about how long she had been out? 


Chris Thomas  14:24

When we get her in the ambulance in the  light You could do she's been out a pretty good while. Well, even when the man was, I remember, not the defendant, the other man. he said at least forty five minutes.


ADA Coffey  14:43

Does that appear to be consistent with what syou noticed, 45 minutes, or has it been shorter time or longer time? 


Chris Thomas  14:49

I couldn't really tell because it was hot that night andit appeared to me it appeared to be a little bit longer, I mean, a little bit less time, I mean she appeared to be longer than what they said, because when the victim has been a long time, there's blood and everything that starts pooling, and when we got her in the ambulance, you could tell the blood was already pooled.


Penny  15:15

Mr. Tucker asked if Clark Heindel's clothes are wet or dry. And Mr. Thomas says that he's not able to say because he was focused on CPR. And then when asked if it was raining yet when he first arrived, Mr. Thomas said No, at that point we were excused for our mid morning break. And up next is Andrew Brantley of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office.


ADA Coffey  15:42

And what did you notice when you arrived? 


Andrew Brantley  15:43

There were two male subjects on the pool deck with a female victim. One of the male subjects was nude, the female victim was also Nude.


Penny  15:56

Lieutenant Brantley identified Marcus Lillard as the nude male subject.


Andrew Brantley  16:02

The victim was bleeding from a injury to her forehead, and the two males, male subjects were administering CPR.


Penny  16:13

ADA Coffey asks, did you think anything was strange?


Andrew Brantley  16:17

 The way in which they were doing CPR did not seem to be appropriate or proper, and it seemed like they didn't it didn't seem like they were really doing it appropriately.


Penny  16:28

ADA Coffey asks, What did Marcus Lillard and Clark heindel essentially tell you?


Andrew Brantley  16:35

They said that she had been in a hot tub by herself and apparently drowned. This was mostly Mr. Lillard, giving this statement.Clark Heindel,  the other gentleman. He really didn't have much to say. They just said that they had been out there a while before he had said we had been out there a while before we called in, he had been in the woods gathering firewood and when he came back, he noticed that she was not responsive in the hot tub and pulled her out and began CPR. I made contact with a lieutenant who was on scene and told them that due to the suspicious nature of the incident, I felt like they should be detained. He had already made the determination to contact the on call investigator. So while we're waiting on investigators to show up I suggested we put them in our patrol vehicles to detain them until they can be questioned by investigators. 


ADA Coffey  17:28

Did you put anybody in your vehicle?  I put Marcus Lillard in patrol car.Yes. 


Penny  17:33

He also placed Marcus and Marianne's cell phone in his patrol car. The next piece of evidence to be introduced is the body cam footage. And just another warning that this could be disturbing for some listeners. I will do my best to describe what is being played on the scene. A lot of the audio is hard to hear. So I will go over anything I think is important. The jury is watching these videos on two screens. There's one directly across from them. And there's also one on right behind them to their right  MarIanne is laying on the concrete pool deck her head is turned to the left. There is a significant amount of blood around her head. And then off to the side you can see another pool of blood. And as the officers approach Clark heindel is administering CPR in the form of one of his hands is in between her breasts and he's pumping and then he's kind of leaning on his other hand on the concrete and Marcus is on the other side of her where her head is turned and he has his striped towel on it's a blue and white striped towel and Marcus leans in to do mouth to mouth. You can hear Clark responding as the fire department comes in and provides instructions to keep up the compressions and at that point Clark does transfer both hands to her chest to continue those compressions and then the fire department has the the mouthpiece in the bag and is pumping air into her 


McDade  19:47

Fire department has taken over on scene


Marcus Lillard  19:57

don't don't stop the chest compressions. Keep going Just keep going


Penny  20:17

at this point the fire department takes the bag away to retrieve other equipment. And at that point Marcus takes over compressions and then Clark puts his hands on top of Marcus and they're both compressing her chest. Then it's just Clark and you can hear him pushing down on her chest as Marcus takes over the breaths and the fire department returns with the defibrillator. Marianne has a navy fleece blanket on the lower half of her body and Marcus is moving that down so that the fire department can apply the stickers to her body that will administer the shocks if necessary.


Robotic machine  21:22

Now, remove all clothing from patient do not touch patient. Evaluating heart rhythm, no shock advised your provide chest compressions and rescue breaths


Penny  21:40

at this point the fire department resumes compressions.


Robotic machine  21:58

Continue care


Penny  22:02

at this point Marcus reaches over and grabs Marianne's hand in this kind of rubbing it


Robotic machine  22:10

Continue care


Penny  22:19

the ambulance is pulling up



How long was she underwater? 


Penny  22:35

This is the paramedic asking how long she was under the water and Clark responds, I don't know a minute or two. She hit her head after she got out of the water. And Clark is kind of standing a little bit off from the body at this point and Marcus is still holding on to Marianne's hand


Marcus Lillard  22:54

We've been out here for a while before we called. She was getting real close, some gurgling push her stomach she breathed back to me


Andrew Brantley  23:02

 Was she conscious when she came out of the water 


Clark Heindel  23:06

I don't think so.


Marcus Lillard  23:07

I can't say. Let's assume the worst. She's been incoherent for 45 minutes.


Unknown  23:22

How long has she been down?


Marcus Lillard  23:26

45 minutes


Penny  23:27

so Marcus is reporting that she's been down for 45 minutes and hasn't been responsive whatsoever. And as Marcus is talking, he's looking into the body camera and he's kind of stroking her arm from her elbow down to her hand. EMS is asking When did she hit her head? When did she stop breathing?


Marcus Lillard  23:53

I was in the woods, man. When I came back she was in the hot tub by herself. She was slumped down a bit. I tried to pull her out of the hot tub. I got her this far.


Unknown  23:58

You pulled her out of there?


Penny  24:05

as the EMS workers transfer Marianne to the gurney, Clark picks up one of her legs to provide assistance and then Marcus comes along and make sure that the blanket is placed on top of her 


Andrew Brantley  24:21

where were you sir?


Clark Heindel  24:24

I was sitting in the pool there and she was in the hot tub here so then when I came up, 


Andrew Brantley  24:36

Was she in the hot tub by herself?


Clark Heindel  24:37

Yeah. When he came out of the woods. She was not responsive so pulled her out. And then we did CPR, breathe in, She'd breathe out that there was never been...consciousness.


Andrew Brantley  24:51

This has been 45 minutes ago At what point are you calling 911?


Clark Heindel  24:58

About 10 minutes ago. 


Andrew Brantley  24:59

Why the delay in calling 911? 


Clark Heindel  25:02

So we thought she was coming around when we breathe in, she breathed out. 


Andrew Brantley  25:06

If she's unconscious, y'all didn't think to call 911?


Clark Heindel  25:09

She was breathing 


Andrew Brantley  25:13

but she doesn't respond to for 45 minutes before you call 911?


Clark Heindel  25:16

 I don't know


Marcus Lillard  25:18

I'm guessing so, it may have been 10 minutes. I don't know. It seems like forever but 


Andrew Brantley  25:23

Why were  you in the woods? 


Marcus Lillard  25:25



Andrew Brantley  25:25

Why were you in the woods?


Marcus Lillard  25:26

I went out to get wood to make some fire with. 


Andrew Brantley  25:31

How long were you in the woods ?


Marcus Lillard  25:38

out that way just gathering up little sticks to make a fire with. 


Andrew Brantley  25:40

she was in the hot tub whenever went in the woods? 


Marcus Lillard  25:45

she wasn't under the water but she was unresponsive in there and I got her out she kept getting close, she was in there, she kept looking like any Minute she, she


Andrew Brantley  25:55

Where did she hit her head? When Did she hit her head? when did she hit her


Clark Heindel  26:00

We were trying to lift her out and she fell forward.


Penny  26:06

so here Clark is saying when they were trying to lift her out and she fell forward. 


Andrew Brantley  26:12

What's her relation to you? 


Clark Heindel  26:13



Andrew Brantley  26:15

she's a Friend? okay. 


McDade  26:17

And who's this [pointing to Marcus]


Clark Heindel  26:19

That's her boyfriend. That's my friend. 


Andrew Brantley  26:25

When did you notice she wasn't visible?


Clark Heindel  26:29

I never saw that she wasn't visible when I got up I guess where he was coming back. She wasn't responsive. It wasn't that She was underwater, it was just the she was unresponsive.


Marcus Lillard  26:42

Man, look. she's my girlfriend. It just felt like she was fixin' to come right back every time I breathed, she'd breathe back. She was making noise I'd think she was right there. we should've called y'all for sure no question and I've got to live with that but it was right there and then it was like the stupidest shit ever to say but I thought she might've just been puttin' on a little bit. 


Andrew Brantley  27:12

Had she been drinking?


Marcus Lillard  27:13

Oh yeah.


Andrew Brantley  27:15

 did you think maybe it was alcohol induced? What do you mean?


Marcus Lillard  27:17

I thought maybe she was putting on extra than necessary because and I've never seen her do anything like that.  But I've never seen him do anything like that


Andrew Brantley  27:25

What was she doing?


Marcus Lillard  27:26

 Trying to get some extra attention to be shown some love, you know what I mean? 


Penny  27:35

Marcus is saying here that he thought she was putting on looking for a little attention and a little affection.


Marcus Lillard  27:44

But there was a point about 12 minutes before we called y'all that I knew to call, so the 10 minutes that I kept trying to breathe and we were doing CPR 


Andrew Brantley  27:52

what changed what


Marcus Lillard  27:54

nothing. she quit making those noises. she quit being responsive. She breathed back into making noises as I was breathing into her. I can hear in there.


Andrew Brantley  28:05

Uh huh. What was her behavior like before you went off 


Marcus Lillard  28:08

We had a great day. We hung out today. We were leaving Thursday for a study-abroad trip. She's a professor at UGA, she's got the happiest life ever. We came to see Clark because he's the yoga guy, and actually the first date we had, him and his girlfriend showed up at it. So, they're old friends, I mean, she and I had had some drinks earlier in the day. Came to Clark's pool and got in the hot tub and chilled. We might've scattered off in different directions for a moment. Like I said, man, when I came back her head was laying down but she wasn't underwater at that point. 


Andrew Brantley  28:44

When Does she go up underwater? 


Marcus Lillard  28:46

I think she had already been under a little bit of that point. but her arms were kind of sitting it was a real dangling when she she was limp. that actually should have been a concern. There was nothing. When she fell, it was nothing. I mean like I couldn't hold there was nothing pushing back. That's probably when we should've called. 


Andrew Brantley  28:51

when she fell, was she walking on on her own?


Marcus Lillard  29:06

I had her, I was trying to get to the house. That was as far as I could make it. At one point, actually I did, we did get her up because I got her and got her down there at one point. I just picked her up I kept trying to get closer and then I was thinking well, we'll get her back, you know


Clark Heindel  29:32

it sounded like with the gurgling, it was just readyto be coughed up.


Marcus Lillard  29:37

 the lady in there says it's not good. It's the worst it could possibly be


Clark Heindel  29:42

Really? Is she dead? She's gone?


Marcus Lillard  29:45

She's gone. So we all know that while we're having this conversation. She just told me that, yeah. She was gone before we called y'all. She might have been gone the whole time. I have no idea. I don't know how long it's been. I know I called A couple people first before we called y'all, you know, what would you do? and then every time I would think it was perilous there was something in her stomach every time it sounded something more that wasn't physical, almost something else, you know what I mean? I never heard a noise like that come out of a woman. It was like a giant grizzzly roar was coming but for that to come out, it had to've been breath. that sound , that's what that noise was. 


Andrew Brantley  30:35

so when you came out of the woods, was her head not only underwater? 


Marcus Lillard  30:38

She was sitting in the far, closest, to y'alls, corner between y'alls truck and the car right here. You wanna know actually what I did? When I grabbed her the first time because Clark was way down here, I actually grabbed her and I swam her to the other end is what I did that's actually what I did, I took her to that end and then we were coming back this way. I don't even know why I did that, that was fucking stupid. I knew I couldn't walk her that far. As soon as I got her out of the pool and I got down here. 


Andrew Brantley  31:06

you got her out of the hot tub and gor in the pool? 


Marcus Lillard  31:08

Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what I did. I took her out of the hot tub and I stumbled with her and actually when we fell, it was over there. I come around through the woods, from the fire pit, there she is, Clark's over there messing with the radio. Grab her, see she's out, this was shit on my behalf because I was a lifeguard that did CPR I thought I knew enough that I could help my baby. Looking at her neck and all that shit now every time we touched her, everywhere I touched her its now a color, you know like turning something.


Penny  31:44

I think you get the idea. The way that this ends is Marcus explaining how they each took one of her arms on their shoulders to carry her from the shallow end down to the deep end, claiming that their idea was they were going to get her in the hot tub and get her sitting up straight. Lieutenant Brantley testified that he placed Marcus Lillard in the back of his patrol car and Lieutenant MC Dade was supposed to place Clark heindel In the back of his car. Brantley says he does not know what happened or why he wasn't placed in that car. And he did later find out that Clark heindel went inside of his house and committed suicide by shotgun. Lieutenant Brantley said that Lieutenant McDade had retired. Here's Mr. Tucker with his cross. 


Mr. Tucker  32:39

One was wearing a towel. 


Andrew Brantley  32:41

He was nude when I got there. He put the towel on after I arrived as as I was initially making content, 


Mr. Tucker  32:48

I noticed as you were talking to him a lot of times, he's itching and scratching all over himself. Did you notice that?


Andrew Brantley  32:54

I didn't.


Mr. Tucker  32:55

Did you see in the video where he was scratching his arm and itching On the back?, 


Andrew Brantley  33:00

I didn't notice that. 


Mr. Tucker  33:01

So you didn't pay much attention to his body language when you were talking?


Andrew Brantley  33:05

I didn't notice any scratching.


Penny  33:07

They play the body cam footage again, in a section where Marcus can be seen taking his hand and kind of rubbing and scratching and picking at his arm a little bit.


Andrew Brantley  33:20

I see him touching his arms, yes. I see him touching himself.


Mr. Tucker  33:27

And specifically on the arms and the shoulders correct?


Andrew Brantley  33:29

I see him touching himself. 


Mr. Tucker  33:32

Did Mr. Heindel appear to be wet? Or was he in dry clothes


Andrew Brantley  33:37

I think that his shirt was wet. Hair maybe.


Mr. Tucker  33:41

the shorts were dry?


Andrew Brantley  33:42

I couldn't tell it was dark.


Mr. Tucker  33:44

And McDade, he's not here to testify to what he did. Is he with the force anymore? 


Andrew Brantley  33:52

He's retired, 


Mr. Tucker  33:53

retired. How shortly after this event, did he retire?


Andrew Brantley  33:58

recently afterwards. I don't know what timeframe exactly, 


Mr. Tucker  34:01

but it was close to this event that he retired.


Andrew Brantley  34:04

He had already been talking about it before. Just kind of happened to coincide.


Mr. Tucker  34:09

So it was after this event that he retired? 


Andrew Brantley  34:11

Yes. We made contact with them together. I explained to them that we were going to detain them while we're waiting on an investigator to arrive. After that, I went first with Mr. Lillard while Lt. McDade stayed back when Mr. Heindel who was asking about calling his attorney and wanting to get his phone from where the pool deck was and we were explaining to him that he couldn't enter the crime scene and would have to wait. So I secured Mr. Lillard in my patrol vehicle, Lieutenant McDade stayed behind with Clark Heindel And after that, I don't I don't know what I don't know what talked about or what they did,


Mr. Tucker  34:26

at some point, your concentration focused on Mr. Lillard, and Mr. Heindel disappeared and McDade was supposed to take care of that correct. 


Andrew Brantley  34:54

That's correct. 


Mr. Tucker  34:55

And shortly after that you heard a shot fired? 


Andrew Brantley  34:59

It was when I went back to go find, Mr. heindel, because the coroner had requested the ID of the victim. Were looking for Mr. Heindel and realized he was inside and knocked on the door. That's when I heard a gunshot.


Mr. Tucker  35:13

So you heard the shot and you go in there, and he had taken his life with the shotgun.


Andrew Brantley  35:19

That's correct, 


Mr. Tucker  35:20

and was there any notes around,


Andrew Brantley  35:22

we found a note in the kitchen on the counter


Mr. Tucker  35:25

had Lt. McDade taken him into detention to hold them, we would have a different scenario. Is that fair to say?


Andrew Brantley  35:33

Who's to say?


Judge Burleson  35:35



ADA Coffey  35:36

Yes Judge 


Penny  35:37

ADA Coffey asks, if there was anything concerning or odd about the defendants behavior?


Andrew Brantley  35:45

His statements were all over the place. Just the behavior of both of them, you know, on scene struckby the nature of the head wound when when we were called to a possible drowning. Again, I'm no CPR expert, but one handed CPR just didn't seem appropriate. So, yes, my suspicions were just for the whole scene in general, it just just seemed, out of ordinary 


ADA Coffey  36:08

did the defendant seem to be under the influence of any drugs?


Andrew Brantley  36:12

Potentially? Yeah. I mean, it seemed like it could be underneath loads of something. I don't want to speculate as to what it was very accurate. And the information I asked him concerning the victims, contact information. Yes, dates of birth address, phone number. Zip Code to a county three, three counties away while he seemed to be having a little difficulty remembering the sequence of events that had allegedly just occurred. But can remember facts like that, you know, right from memory.


Mr. Tucker  36:46

But everything that stayed the same it was that he came out of the woods, and he found her in the hot tub, correct? That never changed.


Andrew Brantley  36:54

That was the premise. Yes.


Mr. Tucker  36:56

And that Clark even confirmed that he came out of the woods and saw her because he was at the end of the pool, correct? 


Andrew Brantley  37:02



Mr. Tucker  37:03

And he kept saying, how many times did he say "Man I don't know, I don't know" when he was talking with you?


Andrew Brantley  37:10

It was a fair amounts, a fair amount of I don't knows. Yeah. 


Mr. Tucker  37:14

So there was a lot of times that there was no memory or he couldn't explain it or he didn't know.


Andrew Brantley  37:18

He couldn't explain it. That's one way of putting it. 


Penny  37:23

It's still the morning of the first day. And in and out of the courtroom is a constant flood of people going in and out of the door. The jury is sitting on the same side as the Shockley family. And then on the other side of the courtroom is the defense. The media also is on this side of the courtroom. The jury has already heard  a significant amount of evidence that they have to interpret and place importance and understand the meaning and significance of and at the same time there is all of this going on in the courtroom, and certainly emotions are high on both sides. It's a very difficult case. The styles of the attorneys are all very different. ADA Melcor is very deliberate and confident and her questioning. ADA Coffey is someone who takes her time and is also measured, but it can feel tedious, which the justice system is tedious because there are a lot of procedures that need to be followed. Mr. Tucker is trying to ask the questions that he needs to support his argument for his client, and the jury is responsible for rendering the verdict. The judge make sure there's decorum in the courtroom. She's very clear not to have your cell phone on. The courtroom is energized. There's a sense of curiosity about who the next witness will be, what evidence will be introduced.  


In the next episode, the state will continue their case and call more law enforcement witnesses. Join Patreon at for early access and bonus content, or leave a rating or review on Apple podcasts, Goodpods or Spotify. You can visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram at blood town podcast and on Twitter @bloodtownpod

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